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Philippine Genome Center Visayas Joins Groundbreaking Filipino Genomes Research Program, Pioneering Advancements in Anthropology, Forensics, and Evolutionary Studies

Philippine Genome Center Visayas to take part in Filipino Genomes Research Program, study to impact anthropology, forensics, and evolution. The University of the Philippines Visayas through Philippine Genome Center Visayas is collaborating with the DNA Analysis Laboratory of the Natural Sciences Research Institute, University of the Philippines Diliman for the Filipino Genomes Research Program (FGRP): Representing the Underrepresented, a study funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development.
The collaboration will involve two component projects of the program: Project 1 – Filipino Forensic Genomics and Project 2 – Filipino Genomes: History, Evolution, Origins, and Applications. FGRP aims to represent and involve Filipinos in human genomics research to make sure that the focus, output, applications, and benefits are relevant, transferable, and applicable to the Filipino population.
Designed to be a participatory research, FGRP will recruit volunteers who will become partners in the study implementation. The research outputs have the potential to enhance the study of Filipino history, geography, health, and medicine and strengthen the use of forensic genetics in the Philippines.
The program intends to represent and involve various Filipino groups in human genomics research; document stakeholder appreciation of genomic concepts and research process; increase the scientific work force and expand research partnerships; and generate a DNA sample biobank and genome databank for Filipino genomics research.