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Clients can use various equipment and instrumentation available in the facility to run tests and research at affordable pricing.

Storage Freezer

Clients can use our storage freezers, which can store delicate samples, biological specimens, enzymes, and other reagents.

Laboratory Equipment

Clients can access a list of the equipment at PGC Visayas that can be utilized for their research needs.

Equipment List


Brand/Model: ALP CL-32L

Balance, Top Loading

Brand/Model: Sartorius Practum 2102-1S

Balance, Analytical

Brand/Model: Sartorius Quintix224-1S

Balance, semi microanalytical

Brand/Model: Shimadzu AUW120D

Gel Documentation System​

Brand/Model: Bio-Rad Molecular Imager Gel Doc XR+

Electrophoresis System

Brand/Model: Advance Mupid One


Brand/Model: Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer RNA/DNA/Protein Analyzer


Brand/Model: Thermo Fisher Qubit 4.0

Sample Rack

Brand/Model: Thermo Dynamag-2

Biosafety Cabinet

Brand/Model: Labconco Logic+ Class II Type A2


Brand/Model: Biobase FH1200 (A)

Laminar Flow PCR Cabinet

Brand/Mode: Airclean System AC600  

Laboratory flaked ice maker

Brand/Model: Biobase FIM60 Flake Ice Maker

Liquid Nitrogen (Generator)

Brand/Model: MMR ELAN2 Autotransfer Station

Liquid Nitrogen (Out of Service) 

Incubator cabinet

Brand/Model: Binder BD 115-240V US Version

Hot plate with stirrer

Brand/Model: Thermo Scientific SP88857107

Water Bath

Brand/Model: Julabo Pura 14 Water Bath bath

Heat/cooling Block​

Brand/Model: Hercuvan TT-100 DHC

Heating Dry Bath

Brand/Model: Cleaver Scientific TCDB-02

Probe-type Ultrasonicator

Brand/Model: Qsonica Q700

Bath-type Sonicator​

Brand/Model: Elmasonic Elma Easy 300


Brand/Model: Bio-Rad Mini Protean Tetra Cell

Shaker incubator

Brand/Model: Heidolph Unimax 1010

Water Purification System

Brand/Model: Merck Milli-Q Integral 3Water Purification System

Swing bucket centrifuge

Brand/Model: Beckman Coulter Avanti J-15R

Flow Cytometer

Brand/Model: Thermo Fisher Attune NxT

Automated DNA/RNA Extraction Machine

Brand/Model: Thermo Fisher Kingfisher Duo Prime System

Real-time PCR

Brand/Model: Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real time PCR Detection System

Gradient Thermal Cycler

Brand/Model: Bio-Rad T100 Thermal Cycler

Thermal Cycler

Brand/Model: Applied Biosystems VeritiPro

Microvolume Spectrophotometer

Brand/Model: Thermo Fisher Multiskan Sky


Brand/Model: Thermo NanoDrop Eight Spectrophotometer

Micropipettor Sets

Brand/Model: Sartorius Proline Plus LH-728672

Micropipettor Sets

Brand/Model: Thermo Scientific Finnpipette F2


Brand/Model: Sartorius Proline Mechanical Pipettor

Loop sterilizer

Brand/Model: Dlab ST800-E

Bunsen burner with footswitch

Brand/Model: WLD-TEC Fuego Pro


Brand/Model: Illumina NextSeq 1000


Brand/Model: Illumina iSeq 100


Brand/Model: SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer

SeqStudio Sequencer (Out of Service) 

Vortex Mixer​

Brand/Model: DLAB MX-F

Vortex Mixer

Brand/Model: Thermo Scientific LP

Plate Vortex Mixer

Brand/Model: DLAB MX-M

Standard microcentrifuge

Brand/Model: Thermo Scientific Heraeus Pico 17

Refrigerated microcentrifuge

Brand/Mode: Thermo Scientific Fresco 17

Standard Minifuge

Brand/Model: Biobase Mini-10K+

Standard minifuge

Brand/Model: Dlab D1008

Standard Microcentrifuge

Brand/Model: DLAB D3024

Plate Spinner

Brand/Model: Yooning MP-2500

Strip tube minifuge

Brand/Model: OniLab D1008

Storage Refrigerators and Freezers

Storage Freezer, -20°C

Brand/Model: Gram BioLine BioCompact RF410

Storage Freezer, -80°C

Brand/Model: Arctiko ULUF 450

Storage Refrigerator

Brand/Model: Panasonic NR-BD460VPDH

Storage Refrigerator

Brand/Model: Whirlpool 6WBI160 USS

Storage Freezer, -20

Brand/Model: PHCbi MDF-U334-PK


Please feel free to contact our core facility team with any questions about our services, projects, collaborations, or other ways to become engaged with the PGC Visayas.


PGC Visayas provides trainings to students, researchers, faculty members, and health professionals to improve their skills involved in genome sequencing.


As a student pursuing an undergraduate, you’re looking to gain experience. Here at PGC Visayas, we offer students the opportunity to gain direct practical experience in our laboratory.


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