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PGC Visayas Bioinformatics Laboratory

Clients can get accurate, and in-depth information of the sequencing data obtained from next-generation sequencing technologies generated and analyzed by computer programs.

 PGC Visayas Bioinformatics Laboratory servers are configured as an HPC Cluster with 120 cores or 240 threads, 640GB RAM and 360 Terabytes storage.

 PGC Visayas Bioinformatics Laboratory workstations are a 4 gigahertz CPU speed with 16 gigabyte memory and 1 terabyte HDD and 1 terabyte SSD storage.

Our facility’s analysis and training services includes DNA barcoding, Metagenomics, Transcriptomics, and Whole Genome Analysis, a custom workflow for the mentioned analysis above and a basic programming or bash scripting.

PGC Visayas Bioinformatics Laboratory Services

DNA Barcoding

DNA barcoding is a tool for rapid species identification based on DNA sequences. Efficiently recognize known species and speed up the discovery of new species.



Metagenomics is the study of genomes contained within an entire microbial community. Metagenomic sequencing focuses on microbial community diversity analysis, gene composition and function, as well as metabolic pathways associated with the specific environment.



The transcriptome is the complete set of transcripts in a cell, tissue, or whole organism, for a specific developmental stage or physiological condition.

Transcriptomic Data Analysis involves characterization of all transcriptional activity (coding and non-coding), or a select subset of RNA transcripts within a given sample. The analysis of transcriptomes allows the identification of candidate genes and expressed markers associated with traits of interest.


Whole Genome Analysis

In Whole Genome Analysis, the de novo sequence can be used on characterized genomes if there is no available reference sequence or known genomes if significant variations are expected.

The general strategy of this analysis is to align and merge short fragments derived from a much longer DNA sequence in order to reconstruct the original sequence.

It usually takes multiple libraries and multiple rounds of finishing to get a complete genome sequence.


Researchers from Mindoro State University Trained at PGC Visayas Bioinformatics Laboratory

Bioinformatics Workshop on
Genome Assembly and Annotation,
Metagenomics and Transcriptomics


Please feel free to contact our core facility team with any questions about our services, collaborations,
or other ways to become engaged with the PGC Visayas Bioinformatics Laboratory.



PGC Visayas provides trainings to students, researchers, faculty members, and health professionals to improve their skills involved in genome sequencing.


As a student pursuing an undergraduate, you’re looking to gain experience. Here at PGC Visayas, we offer students the opportunity to gain direct practical experience in our laboratory.


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